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Draft Cleaning

Draft Doctor of DFW deploys pumps to clean your draft lines, circulating caustic line cleaning chemicals at a rate of 2 gallons per minute.  The recommended cleaning schedule, as prescribed by the Brewer’s Association, are as follows:


Bi-Weekly Cleaning (Every 14 Days)


To maintain the quality and hygiene of your draught system, follow this bi-weekly cleaning regimen:


 •    Line Cleaning: Utilize a caustic line-cleaning chemical

•  Faucet Maintenance: Disassemble all faucets entirely for thorough cleaning.

•    Keg Couplers: Ensure all keg couplers or tapping devices are scrubbed and free of residue.

•    FOB-Stop Devices: Clean all FOB-stop devices (also known as beer savers or foam detectors) in line. Ensure chemicals are fully purged through the FOB-stop, exiting through the FOB drain hose.


Quarterly Maintenance (Every Three Months)


For optimal performance, undertake the following tasks every three months:


    •    De-stoning Draught Lines: Use an acid line cleaning chemical or a potent chelator, which may be integrated with the alkaline chemical solution, to remove beer stone deposits. Ongoing research, including studies on line-cleaning chemistry and additives like Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), is conducted by the DBQ working group in collaboration with brewing industry experts.


Semi-Annual Maintenance (Every Six Months)


To prevent long-term issues and ensure system longevity, perform these semi-annual tasks:


    •    Detailed Cleaning of FOB-Stop Devices: Disassemble and meticulously clean all FOB-stop devices, also known as beer savers or foam detectors.

    •    Coupler Maintenance: Completely disassemble and thoroughly clean all couplers.


Additional Considerations


Systems that are older, problematic, or have not adhered to proper line cleaning protocols may require more frequent and aggressive cleaning schedules and practices. Adjust the maintenance frequency accordingly to ensure the draught system operates efficiently and safely.

Submit a contact request for more information or call us at (469) 938-0704 for emergencies.

Dirty beer tap coupler vs clean beer tap coupler
Dirty beer FOBS vs Clean beer FOB
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