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Trap Tender

Introducing the Trap Tender Program– Your Ultimate Solution for Organic Buildup!

This solid bacterial powerhouse is designed to break down and digest organic materials that often clog drains and grease traps. Regular treatment not only controls odors but also prevents troublesome drain blockages, saving you from expensive grease-trap pumping costs.

Set up is simple.  One of our dedicated technicians will evaluate your establishment and recommend a location for the automatic dispenser.  They sill also perform a multi-point inspection of your most affected areas and will treat any problematic areas from the top down. You will the be followed up with either bi-weekly or monthly to assess how your property is receiving the chemicals.

Ideal for septic tanks and drain fields, Trap Tender goes beyond traditional solutions. It's perfect for mopping applications in kitchens, restrooms, and dock areas, efficiently breaking down organic material while providing effective odor control.


Crafted with all-rapidly biodegradable materials, our formula contains no phosphates, volatile organic compounds, NPEs, or pH contributors. Rest easy knowing that the bacterial sources are non-harmful to humans or animals – Certified Salmonella-free.


Maintain free-flowing drain lines and properly functioning grease traps, all while reducing BODs, CODs, and suspended solids. SOLID GREEN 22 BIO-ACTIVE not only eliminates odors from drains and grease traps but also carries the NSF certification, ensuring it conforms to the highest standards of the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program. Choose SOLID GREEN 22 BIO-ACTIVE for a cleaner, greener, and more efficient solution to your organic buildup challenges.

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