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Draft vs. Canned Beer: A Tale of Two Tipples

Updated: Apr 23

Let’s face it: when it comes to beer, how you get it into your glass can be just as important as what ends up inside it. Today, we’re tapping into the eternal barroom debate: draft vs canned beer. Buckle up as we pop open the facts, pour out the truth, and maybe spill a little along the way.

What is Draft Beer?

Draft beer is like the VIP guest of the beer world—it shows up fresh, it’s cool, and it always makes a grand entrance through a tap. It lives in a keg, a metal fortress that guards against the twin evils of light and oxygen, and it only comes out to play when summoned by a bartender’s skilled hand.

Benefits of Draft Beer

  • Freshness: Draft beer is so fresh, it practically still remembers the hops field. It’s typically consumed faster and at the source, ensuring top-notch taste.

  • Flavor Preservation: Thanks to its keg castle, draft beer keeps its flavor shielded from the harmful attacks of light and air.

  • Environmental Impact: Reusable kegs mean less waste. Mother Nature drinks to that!

Drawbacks of Draft Beer

  • Availability: Sadly, draft beer can be harder to find than a sober thought at Oktoberfest. You’ll need special equipment to enjoy it at home, which not everyone has room for. 

  • Maintenance: Keeping a draft system clean is like having a pet—you’ve got to take care of it, or things can get stinky.  Unfortunately, this is a bad perception of the draft beer industry in DFW, which is why the importance of maintaining a healthy draft system

What is Canned Beer?

Canned beer is the underdog that’s had a glow-up. Once the laughing stock of beer snobs, it’s now packed in snazzy, liner-technology cans that protect its flavors from getting zapped by light and air.

Benefits of Canned Beer

  • Long Shelf Life: Cans are like mini beer bunkers; they keep the beer battle-ready by locking out light and air.

  • Convenience: They’re portable, they don’t shatter, and they fit nicely in your hand. Cans are the superheroes of the beer world—minus the capes.

Drawbacks of Canned Beer

  •  Perception Issues: Cans were once the plastic lawn chairs of the beer container world—cheap and cheerful but not what you’d brag about owning.

  •  Environmental Concerns: Cans are recyclable, but let’s face it, they still leave a footprint—just like Bigfoot, but smaller and with less fur.

While draft beer might win on ambiance and freshness, canned beer brings consistency and convenience to the table. They’re both worthy contenders in the race to quench your thirst.

Whether you pull a pint of draft or crack open a can, there’s a style and story behind every sip. Explore, experiment, and enjoy the diverse offerings of the beer world. Because in the end, it’s all good brew under the cap.

So, where do you stand in the draft vs. canned debate? Is it tap or snap for you? Spill your thoughts in the comments and let’s get this party started! Tune in next week while we explore canned vs bottled beer!

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